When Androids Dream

Another web site that inspires me is called Electric Sheep.  This site presents us with a virtual gallery of fractals in motion.  Designers sample from other designers’ work to create flocks of beautiful galaxies right on the flat panel screen.  You can download a new screensaver or–hey–download free software and make your own.

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On U B U W E B, you can access short Fluxus films from the 60s, such as Zen for Film by Nam June Paik, Word Movie by Paul Sharits, and Eye Blink by Yoko Ono.  These are cool.  Poem-cool. Starting in the early sixties, Fluxus (which means "to flow") followed in the footsteps of… Continue reading Fluxus

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Eyes of Laura

Like a detective, Laura watches as she works at the Vancouver Art Museum.  Here’s a description of her project from rhizome.org: NET ART NEWS February 11, 2005 — The conceit is half Blair Witch Project, half Paul Auster; ‘Laura,’ an artist working as guard at the Vancouver Art Gallery, makes art out of allowing visitors… Continue reading Eyes of Laura

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Have you checked out the cool new art & poetry collaborative projects at born magazine yet?  Their winter issue is on their web site now.  The poets featured include Michele Glazer and Bob Hicok.


Have you ever played with the typogenerator?  It’s my newest place to play the procrastination game.  Here’s how it works.  You type in a few words, and the computer does a Google image search based on your list and creates a digital work of art based on what it finds. I’m trying to rationalize this… Continue reading art-o-matic

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Wild Game Reserve

Who plays video games? True confession time: sometimes I do get into it.  I go through phases.  Sometimes I play no games for months.  When I do play, though, I get obsessed with a single game and play only that one.  Then it fades away. A few years ago something literary did come out of… Continue reading Wild Game Reserve


Emily Dickinson starts one poem, “I’ll tell you how the Sun rose–/ A ribbon at a time–.” Probably for many of us, our visual perception of the world around us prevails over the other senses. At least it wouldn’t surprise me if that were true. I wonder if anyone remembers the Noon Quilt? I’m not… Continue reading Look