Aggregate of Disturbances

Michele Glazer’s second book, Aggregate of Disturbances, makes us take a closer look, a deeper breath. Reading her poems is something like eating peanut butter straight out of the jar. These poems emit a viscous music. Through the poems in this book, Glazer delves into the stuff of elegy–death, dying, love, loss, and grieving. The… Continue reading Aggregate of Disturbances

Open 3

Take these eleven words, spokes on a wheel: ankle dandelion overflow dog solid sea eat hands early town silver Let us know what comes out of them.

Source Code 2

Okay. The eleven words (mustard, curve, traffic, etc.) provided in the writing prompt, Open 2, come from the first two sections (I think it was the first two) of The Bridge by Hart Crane.

Question 5

Tell us about the first writer or artist whose work comes to mind when you think of motionlessness.

Source Code 1

The eleven words listed in writing prompt Open 1 come from the newest issue (#10) of Delmar Magazine edited by Jeff Hamilton.

Chelsea Girl

In the late 80s I lived in New York City in the Chelsea Hotel. For those of you who have avoided New York at all costs, the Chelsea has a certain amount of fame or notoriety, depending on how you choose to look at things. Bronze plaques outside the entrance remind visitors that writers such… Continue reading Chelsea Girl

Question 3

Do you keep a journal? Why or why not? If you do, what’s it like? Are there certain requirements you impose when choosing a new journal? My one requirement is that I must write on graph paper. My first journal was an accounting book–you know, debits, credits, etc.–and I’ve always felt best when hurling my… Continue reading Question 3

Question 2

Can you think of something that you’ve written that is inextricably hinged to a particular piece of music, a song, or an album? Perhaps so connected are these 2 things that while revising you had to listen to that music again so that you could re-enter it?