New Baby

Sorry about my disappearance, but I have a pretty good excuse.  We have a new baby girl in the family.  It's been a wild couple of weeks.  Hoping to get back to blogging again now.  I haven't read anything lately and am not sure that will be happening any time soon, but I did receive… Continue reading New Baby


Today the whole idea of literary genre is making me feel a little sick. Fiction, poetry, drama, whatever. I can hardly remember what the point of it ever was.


Here in the tropics, this time of year the heat is otherworldly.  One finds oneself dreaming of other places in the midst of important tasks without realizing it.  Or all night long, tossing and turning on top of the sheets, earning a new understanding of restlessness.  Eventually you do adjust.  And in the meantime, you… Continue reading Shadowy


Casa #1 did not materialize in our behalf so we are back to house-hunting once again.  I find these real-life issues very distracting when it comes to art-making.  It’s as though somehow life and art are two different pulls.  It probably shouldn’t be that way, right?

The Future

When I lived in NYC, my friend Hilary and I used to write together sometimes.  Once we modeled a little exercise after a Laurie Anderson song, and every stanza began with the phrase, "In the future…."  Although the poems are long gone, I remember one line of each of them.  Hilary wrote, "In the future… Continue reading The Future


Had to resort to the 20 pound dictionary, but apparently there really is such a thing as a weatherfish.

Bloom Day

Houston weather carries a lot of drama in it.  This morning rain pounded on us for hours; all light drained out of the sky.  But this afternoon the sun brings the damp hibiscus flowers at my window into view.  The petals are unwrapping themselves in the glorious afternoon.  And this, at my office at work,… Continue reading Bloom Day

Writers with Sites

Of the writers’ websites (as opposed to blogs) that orbit in cyberspace, which ones are your favorites?  I like Jeanette Winterson’s site.  She writes a letter each month and posts a reading list.  You feel like you’re in her world, however briefly.  Last week I stumbled upon the Joe Brainard site, created and maintained by… Continue reading Writers with Sites

Passion Works

Over the winter break, we visited family in Ohio.  My brother-in-law Russell took us to visit the Passion Works Studio in Athens.  At Passion Works, all of the artists have developmental issues.  Their mission is to provide art opportunities for people with disabilities. I found the art created at Passion Works very moving.  We saw… Continue reading Passion Works

Assessing the Exercise

Do writing exercises play a role for you as a writer?  Did they at one point or another?  If you are a writing teacher, do they seem useful to you in the classroom?


In terms of literature, art, and film, what first comes to mind when you think of oranges?  I’m still traveling but will provide a personal response tomorrow.  Tune in then.

Seasonal Greetings

It isn’t the stars themselves but the spaces in between them. –by Krucial, 4th grader May the holidays bring you closer to the beauty of this world.

The Need for Speed

I am a slow slow reader.  My comprehension is fine, but it takes me a while to turn the pages.  Do you consider yourself a fast reader, slow reader, average?  Not sure?  Don’t care? 

Cold Water

I agreed to teach a poetry workshop in the spring, and a brief course description was due today. It will be the first time I’ve taught creative writing to adults in a couple of years, and I’ve been having fun thinking about how I will structure the seminar. Like splashing cold water on my face… Continue reading Cold Water