Here in the tropics, this time of year the heat is otherworldly.  One finds oneself dreaming of other places in the midst of important tasks without realizing it.  Or all night long, tossing and turning on top of the sheets, earning a new understanding of restlessness.  Eventually you do adjust.  And in the meantime, youContinue reading “Shadowy”


Casa #1 did not materialize in our behalf so we are back to house-hunting once again.  I find these real-life issues very distracting when it comes to art-making.  It’s as though somehow life and art are two different pulls.  It probably shouldn’t be that way, right?

Passion Works

Over the winter break, we visited family in Ohio.  My brother-in-law Russell took us to visit the Passion Works Studio in Athens.  At Passion Works, all of the artists have developmental issues.  Their mission is to provide art opportunities for people with disabilities. I found the art created at Passion Works very moving.  We sawContinue reading “Passion Works”