The writing and art posted on this blog are gleaned primarily from the Internet. This is work that I admire and find beautiful or moving. You could think of Big Window as a commonplace book that has gone
public. Or you might think of it as an inspiration portal.  On this blog you can find:

I’m fascinated with the creative process which is why I also post pages from the notebooks and journals of artists and writers on Moleskine Monday.

The purpose of this blog is to amplify the attention given to the amazing writers, artists, and creatives who are responsible for the work posted here.

California 709 019 My name is Robin Reagler, and I am the blogger
behind Big Window. I live in Houston, Texas, where I am the
Executive Director of Writers in the Schools a.k.a. WITS.  My poems have been published in many journals–Ploughshares,
Maverick, Colorado Review, American Letters & Commentary, VOLT,
Pleiades, and more. 

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Written in the Preshocks

When the earthquakes throw you and your desk out the window,
the desk above you will protect you. You’ll live on the
sidewalk, not even cut.

Run back upstairs and check your lights.
     Call me if they’re all green. I’ll say That can’t be

There are things

CrpaperfromtexturelibraryThere are things you never really think about again, once you grow up.  Like crepe paper.  Unless you become a schoolteacher, of course.  And then you remember everything– the smell of paste, the danger of quicksand.


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Time Passes

Davidhillfourseasons In my head, mostly the color-fields of sleep-deprivation, haunted by banal ideas about the passing of the seasons.  Nevertheless:  Happy 2006 to you.