Coming Out Originally uploaded by Dill Pixels I chose this to pair with Aaron’s poem, only the two just so happen to appear in separate posts. Please imagine proximity.

Chewy Paint

  Untitled    Originally uploaded by Chewy Paints These pieces made me think of salt water taffy.  These are photographs or art by the flickr user known as Chewy Paints.   Blueberry Dance    Originally uploaded by Chewy Paints


The writing and art posted on this blog are gleaned primarily from the Internet. This is work that I admire and find beautiful or moving. You could think of Big Window as a commonplace book that has gone public. Or you might think of it as an inspiration portal.  On this blog you can find:Continue reading “ABOUT”

Written in the Preshocks

When the earthquakes throw you and your desk out the window, only the desk above you will protect you. You’ll live on the sidewalk, not even cut. Run back upstairs and check your lights.      Call me if they’re all green. I’ll say That can’t be by Elizabeth Kate Switaj Published in Xelas Magazine