Death by Kiting

Death by kiting, originally uploaded by nakedgremlin. I love this love this love this. Here are a few thoughts from the photographer, David Chien: I’m enveloped in Jacob Hashimoto’s Superabundant Atmosphere. The entire installation was made up of thousands of handmade kites hanging at different lengths from the ceiling. In person, the piece was incrediblyContinue reading “Death by Kiting”

Reading Birds by Meghan Brinson

On the long drive across town, a sudden burst of black darts against the reddened horizon—later the blush of taillights in the thickening traffic— above your bed, a poster to remind you of home, the sand dunes that have grown dirty. Bright arrows of gulls move above the great fresh lake as though they spiralContinue reading “Reading Birds by Meghan Brinson”