My Daily Poetry Fix by Stefan Hengst

It happens to most creative people: one day Stefan Hengst found himself in a bit of a lull. In his effort to jump-start his creative process, he did a yearlong iPhone photography project that he called “My Daily Poetry Fix.” He collected snapshots he took with his phone each day and shared a few on Facebook  Soon patterns began to emerge, and the design elements that resonated in him became clear. It worked for him. Would it work for you?

Learn more about the Poetry Fix project on his site. 

Night Balloon Beauty by YesYesNo

Check out this art installation in England in which 400 balloons with LED lights inside them were released at night. The colors of the balloons are caused by messages sent by people around the world via the Internet:

as part of the london 2012 festival new york and amsterdam-based studio yesyesno adorned a 117km expanse along the hadrian’s wall world heritage site in england with hundreds of large-scale, pulsating light-filled balloons entitled ‘connecting lights’. the digital art installation consists of about four hundred 2 metre diameter weather balloons that transmit messages between each other – these sent in from people via an online platform. these messages are translated into LED lights that change color to create a vibrant row of blinking orbs, shown in several locations across the wall open to the public, including the errington arms in corbridge,
housesteads roman fort, carlisle castle and tullie house museum.

Read the rest of the story at DesignBoom.

Rice University’s Final Frontier: Skyspace

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Photos by Karen Warren  © 2012 Houston Chronicle

Look up! A new public art work by James Turrell will soon grace the landscape of the Rice University campus in Houston. Due to open officially in a few weeks, the new “Skyspace” will put on a light show each day at sunrise and sunset.

Havel and Ruck Redux

Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, the creators of Inversion, have created a new piece of temporary public art by the Houston artistic team of Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. Located at Project Rowhouses, the structure is part art, part stage and part park. It’s also awesome art. There are concerts and activities planned there (3705 Lyons Avenue, Houston, TX) this fall.



Crocheting the Way: Meet Olek

Art happening on the NYC subway

Olek is an artist. What is her art? Well, it’s called  knit graffiti, yarn bombing, or urban knitting . It makes us take a second look. Or perhaps a 30 second look. New York City-based artist Agata Oleksiak (known as Olek) uses crochet in bold colors to make her statement. (via Web Urbanist)

From UPPLAND by Aase Berg

Uppland lightland hovercraftland
Good yellow circles
lightband after lightband

All my shooting stars
sparkle over Uppland
See how all of Uppland
stands in flame
burns border

steer softly out of hullwreck
lander, loader
crushed sewn whole

Creep under the skin
Hold on to your skin
mutual pupa


Prick spindle
wake up spindlefly

shuddering lifts
In the slenderfly’s balance


Nudefart, nudesmack!
clothograph mealy time

No sewage
but small stings
in sunglasses
Sees hummingbird drunken
in bunken


High traffic
Plane on plane
forced flight

Foot chain

Hold on to your skin
fasten the wing skin

Dragon situation unfolded
in a standstilldance

Remainland Airport

High clear september air
Urmountain of day


heads hurriedly southwards

We want to be remains here

Written by Aase Berg
Translated by Johannes Göransson
Published in TYPO 7

Photo by *Kicki* on flickr