Mapping Emotions in San Francisco

The San Francisco Emotion Map is a project brought to us by Christian Nold and sponsored by Southern Exposure.    Here’s how it worked: 98 participants walked around the Mission District in San Francisco.  Each participant wore a Bio Mapping device which recorded the wearer’s Galvanic Skin Response (GSR),  an indicator of emotional arousal in… Continue reading Mapping Emotions in San Francisco

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A baby the shape of the moonHangs by its ear from a tree, Illuminates the ground with softCoos of blue light. What kind of world,Where the sky abandons Such a sound leaking from the kneesBending over a nervous fire. What kind of hand,To crawl like kudzu up and down These walls, where insideWarm regions flower… Continue reading Torus

Poetry Comics

Collaborations between artists of different media are often among the most exciting art around.  I was really happy when I first discovered  "Cartoon Physics," a series of comic strips that combine poetry by Nick Flynn and graphic art by Josh Neufeld. Another project that Flynn and Neufeld created together is called Father Outside.  It’s really… Continue reading Poetry Comics