Sunday Morning by Wallace Stevens

I’d better answer that question about oranges before somebody uses all the ones I can remember.  What a surprise that Shanna knows about The Orange Show!  It’s not a poem but a wacky folk art place dedicated to THE ORANGE here in Houston.  Without further ado, here’s "Sunday Morning" by Wallace Stevens.  I hadn’t rememberedContinue reading “Sunday Morning by Wallace Stevens”


There are a whole bunch of literary magazines sprawling across my desk, and I've been grooving to them.  On deck we have: eye-rhyme: Journal of Experimental Literature, Spinning Jenny, The Canary, and POOL.  I'm amazed at the diversity and beauty of literary publications that's available these days.  Here's a poem from POOL that I rereadContinue reading “Periodically”

A Sort of a Song

  Let the snake wait underhis weedand the writingbe of words, slow and quick, sharpto strike, quiet to wait,sleepless.— through metaphor to reconcilethe people and the stones.Compose. (No ideasbut in things) Invent!Saxifrage is my flower that splitsthe rocks. William Carlos Williams


A few of my poems appear in print this month.  Check out "Easy Chair" in 88 (their 5th one) and "Dream Manifesto" in the newest issue of Pleiades, if you get a chance.  The poems will be in the print versions of these publications, not on their web sites.

More about Berryman

Thanks for the interesting comments on John Berryman. Re: the observations by Christa and Jeff, I guess the photo (taken by my father) that I posted with A Berryman House provides a sense of desolation, devastation? Jeff’s analogy of the Turner painting is interesting in many ways. I’m thinking about the idea of this landscapeContinue reading “More about Berryman”

A Berryman House

Here’s my true confession for today. Way back when–almost 20 years ago–I admit that as a student I wrote some sonnets. That is what students do, right? Recently one called “A Berryman House” was published in an online journal. It’s strange to see your older work getting published. My friend Cynie Cory published American GirlContinue reading “A Berryman House”