Insomnia by Elizabeth Bishop

Insomnia The moon in the bureau mirror                                   **looks out a million miles(and perhaps with pride, at herself,but she never, never smiles)far and away beyond sleep, orperhaps she’s a daytime sleeper. By the Universe deserted,she’d tell it to go to hell,and she’d find a bodyContinue reading “Insomnia by Elizabeth Bishop”

My Work Among the Insects by Dean Young

The body of the lingerneedle is filled with hemolymph unconstricted except for a single dorsal vessel. A ventral diaphragm bathes the organs of the head, undulations drawing the fluid back through tiny holes called ostia aided by the movement of a Napoleon within each abdominal segment pacing his Elba exile, muttering la Russie la RussieContinue reading “My Work Among the Insects by Dean Young”

Quiet Saturday

It’s a quiet Saturday.  Sky of white to grey.  Just picked up a stack of literary magazines at Brazos Bookstore: Bloom, Jubilat, Pool, Sentence, and a few others.  There was a CLMP-sponsored book fair going on over there.  A stack of poems will help make a sweet little weekend in cloudy, rainy Houston, TX.  I’veContinue reading “Quiet Saturday”

LEICA by Barbara Guest

Others about the embarking have reasons. I holding shreds carpenter leavings. Motions in the wind, wave rolling disturb sad plots, disturbing sad plots. Desolate places on the grass where birds are a light, Gather in midsummer, wood shingles, visionary house. Taking glances from tree to eave, bicyclist, car, dark green spots for the movement ofContinue reading “LEICA by Barbara Guest”