Once Was Desert

This is land art in the desert created by Jim Denevan. It was done in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Visit his site for more gorgeous work in landscape. Photo credit: Peter Hinson/Jim Denevan

The Soul Within Woman by Rachel M Simon

Her voice deep ash and age throaty backstroke Years after the wandering uterus nailed and stapled I drew a Canadian map guidebook loaned out To scrape away the windshield’s ice thumbtack sculpture This cave unspelunkable vocal dreamland Melodies unmerry indigo plump curling tumbler Exact reminders of large mistakes adoption farce Padded envelope too large for… Continue reading The Soul Within Woman by Rachel M Simon

Orchard in Fall by Nate Pritts

slow fields blink past                    orchard in fall                    the stream moves clear slow moves in fields                    blink past stream fall                    the clear orchard slow fall moves fields                    blink clear past stream                    in the orchard orchard slow fall                    past moves in blink                    clear fields the stream fall moves clear past                    slow stream in fields                    the orchard blink the slow blink past                    stream clear in fall                    fields orchard moves past… Continue reading Orchard in Fall by Nate Pritts