Photo by Danish photographer Kenny Wang.  Check out more of his work on his photoblog, Moodaholic.

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Graffiti Research Lab

The Graffiti Research Lab has an unusual mission, to outfit graffiti artists with open source technologies for urban communication. Regardless of your views on graffiti, it’s a website with art that moves.  Fast.  You might like it.

Toss That Camera Away

If you’re inspired by abstract photography, you might enjoy the images produced through "camera tossing."  To find out more, you can explore the flickr stream (nearly 2,500 photos) or the blog.  You can even learn how to do it yourself.


OTOLITHS specializes in VisPo, visual poetry by a wide range of poem-makers.  The publication’s  tagline, a magazine of many e-things, gives editor Mark Young an extra ounce of latitude and so some of the work published is the conventional poem,  made of words alone, without shape or image.  Here is a diptych  by Nico Vassalikas.

Deceptive Media

Andy Bell’s Deceptive Media remains one of my very favorite photoblogs.


A colorful photo from Anything But Work, the blog of Hans de Loof.

Big Window

I thought we should start the new year off at Big Window with a Big Window.  This photo comes from Anyday Sweden, a photoblog by Markus Naarttijärvi.  Happy New Year!


Here’s a cool photo from Out of Contxt.

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