Grasp, Matamoras, Pennsylvania — from Domesticated Photo © Amy Stein (via FLAK)

Lifting Jack

Here’s something wonderful by the Austrian photographer Andreas Huber.

Ink of Blue

Another beauty from the photoblog [daily dose of imagery] by Sam Javanrouh.


"Listen" is a photography by Hans de Loof.  You can see more of his brilliant work at his photoblog, Anything But Work.


Here’s a gorgeous photo of a work of public art by Josef Stuefer (via flickr).

Walnut Avenue

Here’s a photo by Sam Javanrouh.  See more of  his work at [daily dose of imagery].

UST by Andy Bell

From one of my very very favorite photoblogs.  Check out Deceptive Media by Andy Bell

Open 29

Write a poem that is a close-up.  Now go closer.  Closer.  There. Photo by Gary Shrimpling, from his photoblog Mystery Me

A Rose is….

  Michael Brown specializes in macro digital nature photography.  You can see more of his work on his blog, Macro Art in Nature.


Here is yet another stunning abstract photograph from  E Y E S P E A K, a photoblog made by Rohit Mattoo in Edinburgh. 

Talking Walls

Talking Walls is a website by Jody Zellen, a Los Angeles artist. By juxtaposing photographic images and videotape of urban detail, she creates a grid of street signs and symbols.  Give the website some time to load properly.  The effect is very powerful.  via rhizome

Otra Big Window

To see more stunning photographs by Michael Singer, check out his Visual Notebook.