Postcard for Bee #14

Postcard for Bee #14 Originally uploaded by dumpsterdiversanonymous I’m pairing this with Bruce Covey’s poem (above).

Three Fish

Day 362,Three fish,inks/brushes,A5 Originally uploaded by Pogorita

Raindrops, Windows

Raindrop Squares Originally uploaded by Belknits Rain or Shine: Happy Moleskine Monday to you.

Today Pearl’s Teacher Asked That We Send Buttons

Wreck this journal day 4 …. Fill this page with circles Originally uploaded by kittypinkstars to school for a counting project. I feel sad that we have no buttons. We are button-less. I wish we did have a whole bunch of colorful buttons, like these, in fact. Regardless of your status (button-wise or otherwise) this… Continue reading Today Pearl’s Teacher Asked That We Send Buttons

The Manifold Moleskine Monday

This sketch comes from an Australian artist who's living in the US, Auk Wrecks & Ark Larks. The piece looks aquatic. Here in the US it's Labor Day so we're off to the beach!

Watercolor Moleskine Monday

Moleskine Monday comes courtesy of artist Joan M. Mas. Check out his blogs, including Acquarela or  view more of his work on flickr. Beautiful!