Via Wooster Collective:   Last November, Swoon, Chris Stain & The Polaroid Kidd joined together in Paris or a collaboration at the galerie LJBeaubourg.  Sofarida has put together a short video documenting the installation.


If you enjoy a good sleuth movie on a cold, wet, white day, then here’s a recommendation for you.  Check out Wire in the Blood, a British  series that I’ve recently discovered through Netflix.  (What was life before Netflix?)  The protagonists are a male psychologist (Robson Green) and a female chief of police (Hermione Norris). Continue reading “Capers”

Art on Film

This week, thanks to my Netflix membership, I got to see two bio documentaries on artists.  I found How To Draw a Bunny interesting and also pretty depressing.  It’s about the life and death of pop artist Ray Johnson. He was prolific, a neverending string of firecrackers.  Many of his pieces were postcard sized.  HeContinue reading “Art on Film”