[white spring] by Lisa Olstein

I am working on a specimen so pale it is like staring at snow from the bow of a ship in fog. I lose track of things—articulation of wing, fineness of hair—as if the moth itself disappears, but remains as an emptiness before me. Or, from its bleakness, the subtlest distinctions suddenly increase: the slightestContinue reading “[white spring] by Lisa Olstein”

Anywhere in Particular by Heather Christle

I will leave this house     and go out into the weather     there are only so many ways to get out     I will use the window as a shield     and nothing can hurt me     not rain     not migration     I need a truck     I need to drive forever down the highway     carrying nothing     going out to meetContinue reading “Anywhere in Particular by Heather Christle”

The Love Song of the Square Root of Minus One (i) by Richard Siken

I am the wind and the wind is invisible, all the leaves tremble but I am invisible, blackbird over the dark field but I am invisible, what fills the balloon and what it moves through, knot without rope, bloom without flower, galloping without the horse, the spirit of the thing without the thing, location withoutContinue reading “The Love Song of the Square Root of Minus One (i) by Richard Siken”

Hands Washing Water by Chris Abani

Even in the falling a train breaks for the light. The tunnel, the darkness – never sweeter. This body is not real. Yet living. This living body. There is a child. The blessed coolness of water. And hands by Chris Abani This is the title poem from his new book published by Copper Canyon Press.


From Art MoCo: Designing textiles and wallpapers under the Lulu DK brand, Lulu de Kwiatkowski released an eponymous book last year that is a compilation of her collages. A reflection of a life of travel and exploration, de Kwiatkowski's artwork is colourful, layered and textured. This monograph of heft is a blend of journal, artContinue reading “Eponymous”

Pictures from an Exhibition

An exhibit of work by Stan Vanderbeek is up at Guild & Greyshkul in NYC. Here, Marisa Olsen (Rhizome) introduces Vanderbeek to the uninitiated (I include myself): Stan VanDerBeek (1927-1984) shares with artists like Josef Albers, Aldous Huxley, John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg, and Buckminster Fuller the legacy of having developed their practice at Black MountainContinue reading “Pictures from an Exhibition”