Big Theory by Susan Briante

A red woodpecker scales the live oak, while I sleep, the phone rings             makes its erasures: a demolition/construction a dream in which I’m revising a list with my father—gone the way of whole neighborhoods in the Bronx. Robert Moses shrugs his concrete shoulders Robert Moses, I say, drop the knife. In the summer of 2001, I livedContinue reading “Big Theory by Susan Briante”

Cusp by Melanie Braverman

If the heron comes in low over the marshes, if it shadows the car as you drive west toward the sea, breakwater holding the lip of the coming tide at bay while the autumn sun cast one gold and pink sheen over the grasses like a spell, like all the secrets you tell yourself whileContinue reading “Cusp by Melanie Braverman”

please advise stop [the rustle of a Sunday bundle of newspapers tucked under my father’s arm stop] by Rusty Morrison

the rustle of a Sunday bundle of newspapers tucked under my father’s arm stop and no father walking toward me stop on the branch only oak leaves reddening as wind ripens their talent for exodus stop on the lawn a scatter of wrens head-down but tail-erect stop no bringing back the other world though everyContinue reading “please advise stop [the rustle of a Sunday bundle of newspapers tucked under my father’s arm stop] by Rusty Morrison”

Orchard in Fall by Nate Pritts

slow fields blink past                    orchard in fall                    the stream moves clear slow moves in fields                    blink past stream fall                    the clear orchard slow fall moves fields                    blink clear past stream                    in the orchard orchard slow fall                    past moves in blink                    clear fields the stream fall moves clear past                    slow stream in fields                    the orchard blink the slow blink past                    stream clear in fall                    fields orchard moves pastContinue reading “Orchard in Fall by Nate Pritts”

The Fringe of Symmetry

I found this videopoem through my friend Laura Mullen, who posted it on facebook. The video is inspired by the poem “Going West” by Maurice Gee. The video is sponsored by the New Zealand Book Council. Fasten your reader’s seat belt. Credits: Film for NZ Book Council Produced by Colenso BBDO and Animated by AndersenContinue reading “The Fringe of Symmetry”

Fonder a Care Kept by Heidi Lynn Staples

I was barn. I was razed. I was mot this flame with no’s sum else blue’s blame noir yearning down the house. No, it was I and I blank I bandit blather that louse that fiddle-dee-dee little lame chimera that came as the name yes different. I wracked my refrain, that blousy souse. I wasContinue reading “Fonder a Care Kept by Heidi Lynn Staples”