Happy BlogDay

It’s BlogDay, everyone.  Here are the links to 5 of my favorite photoblogs: Deceptive Media by Andy Bell Heather Powazek Champ Round Here [daily dose of imagery] by Sam Javanrouh moodaholic by kenny wang Feel free to participate, either on your on blog or in the comment section below.  Happy BlogDay to you!

Did You Know

that WITS (Writers in the Schools) has a blog now? It’s a collection of student writing, art, publishing opportunities for kids, and announcements from  your pals at WITS Houston.


OTOLITHS specializes in VisPo, visual poetry by a wide range of poem-makers.  The publication’s  tagline, a magazine of many e-things, gives editor Mark Young an extra ounce of latitude and so some of the work published is the conventional poem,  made of words alone, without shape or image.  Here is a diptych  by Nico Vassalikas.