Poems for Obama’s First 100

Arielle Greenberg and Rachel Zucker are poets, friends and frequent collaborators. Their latest project commemorates the first 100 days of Barack Obama's presidency with a freshly commissioned poem each day. They share each text on a blog called Starting Today: poems for the first 100 days. Here is how they organized the project: The day… Continue reading Poems for Obama’s First 100

Because Poem by Lisa Jarnot

I've thought about Lisa Jarnot's political poetry often during the Bush years. Check out the "Because Poem" posted this week on Poetry Politic.  She writes addresses the white-collar atrocity with unmatched bravery.  This week PoetryPolitic shares her "Because Poem" with us. It is a must-read poem (or must-hear–audio version is provided as well) for the… Continue reading Because Poem by Lisa Jarnot

Happy Blog Day 2008

Today is BlogDay 2008. This year I almost missed it. Thanks to Alessandra at  Out of the Blue not only for reminding me but also for nominating Big Window. BlogDay is a day dedicated to expanding our own personal blogospheres just a little bit more.  Here's how it works: Find 5 new Blogs that you… Continue reading Happy Blog Day 2008

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I recently discovered Notebookism, a blog dedicated to all-things-notebook. Here’s an excerpt of the About page written by the founder: We all share a pleasant affliction – the urge to create on paper.  The smell of smooth creamy paper sends our hearts aflutter. The delicate tinkling of nib against inkwell accelerates our pulse rate. We… Continue reading Notebookism

The Ampersand

I’ve always been fascinated by the ampersand and now I’ve found out that there’s a blog called The Ampersand devoted to the topic. (via grain edit)

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A Backwards Glance through the Big Window

Here’s what was up for your perusal on Big Window: 1 year ago: Emergency Postcard 2 years ago: Cloudburst for Barbara Guest 3 years ago: Poetics Influences (10, 11, who’s counting?) Feel free to borrow this meme.  We could call it Blog Retrospective.  Or Retroblogging. Or Way Back When. (photo by UltraBerlin via flickr)

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Dusting for Prints

The subject is distant from and dark. The subject is seen through glass. The subject reflects, or has a luminous body. If you feel you can no longer pray, care less, don’t be selfish. Was he an artist? I remember him cutting a sword out of wood, and painting it gold. "Arms" seems wrong. It’s… Continue reading Dusting for Prints

Blinking Tree

When fluttering down from the top of the tree-shaped installation, these leaf-shaped pieces of paper, each with on open eye on one side and a closed eye on the other, suggest an amazing autumn for surrealists.  Or perhaps it’s winter?  The “Blinking Tree” is a creation of the Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki. (via Ping Mag)


David Byrne keeps a great blog.  You can also buy things there.

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