Beware, Beware: The Poetry Instigator

If you are always looking for new poetry writing prompts, there's a new kid on the block, The Poetry Instigator. It's a blog, it's a forum, it's a poetry machine, I tell ye! They're completely mad over there. I think you'll love it. photo by shikoooooo via flickr

The Manifold Moleskine Monday

This sketch comes from an Australian artist who's living in the US, Auk Wrecks & Ark Larks. The piece looks aquatic. Here in the US it's Labor Day so we're off to the beach!

Eclipse the Light & Crudely Divide by Amy King

Milk is a mythical moth that sees its own heart, mostly in summer. Some kind of pillow moves me too and dissolves my palate; I cannot taste the shabby white wings and behold each shadow’s infancy beneath the definition of sleep. I’m the kind of person who rides between towns in terra cotta music, green’s… Continue reading Eclipse the Light & Crudely Divide by Amy King

Consonant Clusters

Check out a new vispo ezine by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen called Consonant Clusters. In this ezine he publishes some of his own work (as in the example below) as well as other visual poets from around the world. It's a great blog.

Watercolor Moleskine Monday

Moleskine Monday comes courtesy of artist Joan M. Mas. Check out his blogs, including Acquarela or  view more of his work on flickr. Beautiful!

Most Pop Posts on Big Window

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Big Wordle-O

Here's this blog, Big Window, boiled down to its essences, via Wordle. Click to enlarge. Read to enjoy.

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