Bunny, Energized by Leandro Castelao

I found this rabbit print at Grain Edit. Artist Leandro Castelao lives in Buenos Aires. The Grain Editors describe this piece this way:  “The lines look like wires creating some sort of robo bunny with a CD drive on steroids.” Prints of this piece and others are available here.

A Poem a Day

National Poetry Month begins tomorrow, April 1st, 2010.  At Writers in the Schools (WITS) we send out an email with a child’s poem every day for the month. Find out about that and other poetry offerings here.

If you are truly brave and want to WRITE a poem a day this April, consider participating in NaPoWriMo. Don’t be shy. I’ll be blogging away at it here.

Absence Makes the Heart

Have you seen the wondrous new issue of Absent Magazine?  Exemplifying said awesomeness, I've re-posted "love Poem" by Lauren Ireland. Also represented in this issue are:

Dan Boehl
Karen Carcia
Darcie Dennigan
Jessica Fjeld
Andrea Henchey
Matthew Klane
Reb Livingston
Marc McKee
Daniela Olszewska
Matt Shears
Kim Gek Lin Short


Love Poem

I am not ready for dark    dear friend    I shout    and we walk

  • underground    a tiny city roars over    a tiny city below    and
  • it is hard to say this    I am dead tonight    I had been practicing
  • walking light    and slow    through a museum    the imaginary
  • groves    and turning to love you    rough like a clever boy but I
  • am dead tonight    friend    O kill me I am dead
  • by Lauren Ireland
  • photo by Michel on flickr
  • Which Watch Which Watch

    Watch sol by shin azumi

    I read this post about the newest in watch design on Design Boom. This one is called Sol by Shin Azumi. You can read about an experiment called untrod:

    untrod is a project which collaborates with international designers on various project themes – the first theme is 'watch'. designers have been asked to investigate the possibility of
    bringing new meanings to the conventional form of a watch. these are the initial design concepts, so only renderings are available for some pieces.

    This one has the basic elements of the wrist watch as we know it. Some are much further from the norm. For the complete story, click here.