Open 100: The 100 Word Poem

Tomorrow is Pearl’s 100th day of school, a big holiday in Kindergarten, I am realizing. She wrote a 100 word poem for the 100 Museum, and I’m going to do one too, although it won’t get to be in any museum. If you’d like join us–and I hope you will–please leave a link in theContinue reading “Open 100: The 100 Word Poem”

Absence Makes the Heart

Have you seen the wondrous new issue of Absent Magazine?  Exemplifying said awesomeness, I've re-posted "love Poem" by Lauren Ireland. Also represented in this issue are: Dan Boehl Karen Carcia Darcie Dennigan Jessica Fjeld Andrea Henchey Matthew Klane Reb Livingston Marc McKee Daniela Olszewska Matt Shears Kim Gek Lin Short ~ Love Poem I amContinue reading “Absence Makes the Heart”