P1000545, originally uploaded by notamax. Have a happy Moleskine Monday, folks!

When It Rains It

345/365, originally uploaded by Boz Schurr. Happy Moleskine Monday! This collage is from Boz Schurr, one of my favorite moleskiners on flickr!

Dust is the Only Secret by Hadara Bar-Nadav

Tender father. Feather your face. Fingers laced with June. This waiting room white as always. July. You were patient. August. Body of wilted springs. Part tissue. Part decay. Paralysis. September, and the months drip. Patience. Pain. Infinite contain. Patient between 3 AM and Tuesday. Between sponge bath and morphine. Between Warfarin and vomiting. Current, rubber,… Continue reading Dust is the Only Secret by Hadara Bar-Nadav

Bunny, Energized by Leandro Castelao

I found this rabbit print at Grain Edit. Artist Leandro Castelao lives in Buenos Aires. The Grain Editors describe this piece this way:  “The lines look like wires creating some sort of robo bunny with a CD drive on steroids.” Prints of this piece and others are available here.

Some Days

Photo originally uploaded to flickr by berkelium.