Born – Again!

The new issue of Born Magazine is wonderful. My two favorites are: Zoology Writer: Sasha West / Artist: Ernesto Lavandera I Can No Longer Think. Writer: Emma Ramey / Artists: Moto Interactive / Isaac Ruiz Beautiful!

The Hello Goodbye Skateboard

This skateboard is so beautiful it might fit in better on a pedestal than in the skate park. Wow! It was created by Buddy Carr Skateboards and Antonio Carusone of Aisle One. You can read more about it on Grain Edit.

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Typography Takes It On (It = Radiohead)

I want to recommend a story about typography on the Web Urbanist blog.  This example is by Steve Yee, art director for Chiat/Day in Los Angeles. He designed this typographic portrait of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. The words used throughout the portrait are the titles of some of Yorke’s favorite songs.

Polar Bear, Where To?

I like this polar bear made out of vehicles and roadside signage. Wouldn't this be cute on a Tshirt? Well, it is on a Tshirt. Check out the Chop Shop. Polar Bear Tshirt for Kids Originally uploaded to flickr by chopshopstore

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At Large

Please check out Finnish illustrator and designer, Maija Louekari, on Grain Edit.

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From Art MoCo: Designing textiles and wallpapers under the Lulu DK brand, Lulu de Kwiatkowski released an eponymous book last year that is a compilation of her collages. A reflection of a life of travel and exploration, de Kwiatkowski's artwork is colourful, layered and textured. This monograph of heft is a blend of journal, art… Continue reading Eponymous

Strange Bike Collection

If you like unusual bicycles, check out this piece on the Design Boom blog. It’s very fun. These examples are the wobble bike (above) and the treadmill bike (below). [via Design Boom]