How Google Celebrates

I like the way Google creates logos for occasions in particular locales. It makes a huge conglomerate seem more personal. For example, you'd have to be googling from Japan to e-celebrate Isamu Noguchi's Birthday. You can see a collection of past Google doodles here.

Teresa Miro

I found Teresa Miro on the Spraygraphic Community site. The captions are as awesome as the artwork. Here's the one for the picture below: "He introduced himself as a young man of certain background and renown, but he was still a horse." From a text by Enrique Rodriguez Garrett.

The Sweet Future of Bicycles

Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman has a beautiful dream, and he believes it will become the bicycle of the future.  Made of carbon fiber, it will even have a battery that will assist you when going up a steep hill, as well as puncture-proof, self-inflating tires.For now it is just a concept, but time will tell.Continue reading “The Sweet Future of Bicycles”

Lessons from the Swiss

Most of us know the font style Helvetica.Its recent anniversary prompted a lot of discourse. This week Smashing Magazine did a nice piece on the influence of Swiss graphic design, beyond the well known about beloved font. I enjoyed the article a lot.