Bring Back the Passion

Something from London… I read about this show on the Wooster Collective blog. Artists Al and Tim are making the transition from public space to gallery space this week. Read more about it here.

Light Graffiti – The Third Dimension

In the beginning, it was graffiti. Then, light graffiti. But now, with the work of Light Art Performance Photography of Bremen, Germany, light graffiti has evolved into something new. Jan Wöllert and Jörg Miedza create these scenes and photograph them. Read the whole story in the Daily Mail.   The LAPP site is incredible. Here… Continue reading Light Graffiti – The Third Dimension

The Sweet Future of Bicycles

Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman has a beautiful dream, and he believes it will become the bicycle of the future.  Made of carbon fiber, it will even have a battery that will assist you when going up a steep hill, as well as puncture-proof, self-inflating tires.For now it is just a concept, but time will tell.… Continue reading The Sweet Future of Bicycles

Leonardo Drew: “Existed” at the Blaffer Gallery

Today I got to see the Leonardo Drew exhibit at the Blaffer Gallery on the UH campus. The exhibit combines grids (I love grids), wild texture, found objects, and obsessive detail–all painted over with a coat of rust. Yes, rust. Leonardo Drew is definitely an artist to watch out for.  [Photos are borrowed from the… Continue reading Leonardo Drew: “Existed” at the Blaffer Gallery