Look Up: The Anti-Gravity Garden

How does this garden grow? Straight up! Botanist Patrick Blanc created this eight-story garden at the Athenaeum hotel in London. This living installation features 12,000 carefully selected plants and a custom irrigation system. See the full story here.  (via wired)

from 60 Morning Walks by Andy Fitch

Friday Fearing bronchitis I slept through the alarm and didn’t get out until 9:15. From the courtyard sparrows whistled on either side. The day felt complete, a little tiring even. A police officer propped against a red door frowned when my glance made him self-conscious. It turns out the building east of mine’s a corrections… Continue reading from 60 Morning Walks by Andy Fitch

If Grandmas Ruled the World

A grandma in Simi Valley CA collected bottles and slowly built this shrine-like village starting in the 1950s and completing it in the 1980s. See the story and photos at Inhabit.

A Jam with Frank Gehry

Originally uploaded to flickr by Ck+ I've been enjoying the Flickr collection of photographs of Frank Gehry's architecture. The photos almost look like paintings. Or like the like these massive buildings are about to start dancing.

Tapumes by Henrique Oliveira

This summer you can see an unusual art installation by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira.  In the exhibit the artist manages to make wood seem wave-like. To quote the gallery site: Oliveira uses tapumes, which in Portuguese can mean “fencing,” “boarding,” or “enclosure,” as a title for many of his large-scale installations. The term makes reference… Continue reading Tapumes by Henrique Oliveira

Could School Be Cool?

I read about this plan for an elementary school in Berlin on Design Boom.  Here's the scoop: berlin based susanne hoffmann architects created the 'die baupiloten' program to design innovative school environments. the erika mann elementary school II is one of their latest projects, designed in collaboration with the school’s students. the concept involves an… Continue reading Could School Be Cool?

Houses (in Motion)

Click on the grid to see the photos of HOUSES posted on flickr.This set was originally created to flickr by Amalia Versaci. Each photo is by a different artist.

Chips, Chips

The Diner Series, #1 Chip's (film) Originally uploaded to flickr by Meltwater