Source Code 5

The eleven words in Open 5 come from “A Step Away From Them” by Frank O’hara which begins, “It’s my lunch hour, so I go / for a walk among the hum-colored / cabs.”

Tornado in East Los Angeles (Black Roses)

I haven’t mentioned my job on this blog so I thought I’d do that today. I work for Writers in the Schools (WITS). We teach creative writing to children. Most of them are the so-called inner city kids. Many of these kids live in poverty, but they have a gift for telling their own stories.… Continue reading Tornado in East Los Angeles (Black Roses)

Open 5

Here are eleven new words for you to play with today. papaya clicks torso flipping lunch tear hum-colored pocket toothpick 12:40 poems If they capture your imagination, add your writing in the comments section below.

Source Code 4

The eleven words given in Open 4 come from a poem called “The Age of the Velocipede” by Lisa Jarnot. It appears in her second book, Ring of Fire (Zoland Books, 2001).


Selah, a book of poems by Joshua Corey, reverberates in your ears like bellsong. The biblical title refers to Corey’s lyrical use of silence within these contemporary psalms. We hear the knell of these words and learn or are reminded about how the depths of loss can take us spiraling. The arc of the book… Continue reading Selah

Question 7

What specific names of flowers have you used in your writing? Are there any types that you would probably never use? Such as, petunia? Be honest.

Question 6

Here’s a question about music. Lately what do you like to listen to while you’re writing?

Source Code 3

Okay, this is the easiest one so far. The eleven words in Open 3 come from the Emily Dickinson poem that begins, I started Early– Took my Dog– And visited the Sea– Several of you recognized the source. It’s the poem (Johnson edition #520) with the famous phrase, “The Mermaids in the Basement” in it.

Open 4

See if anything comes of these eleven words. And let us know. Here’s the list: pizza, side street, rain, eyeballs, Ezra Pound, crowded, killed, slightly, radio, tiny, and circus. That’s your mission, if you choose to accept it. And have a happy new year!

Aggregate of Disturbances

Michele Glazer’s second book, Aggregate of Disturbances, makes us take a closer look, a deeper breath. Reading her poems is something like eating peanut butter straight out of the jar. These poems emit a viscous music. Through the poems in this book, Glazer delves into the stuff of elegy–death, dying, love, loss, and grieving. The… Continue reading Aggregate of Disturbances

Open 3

Take these eleven words, spokes on a wheel: ankle dandelion overflow dog solid sea eat hands early town silver Let us know what comes out of them.

Source Code 2

Okay. The eleven words (mustard, curve, traffic, etc.) provided in the writing prompt, Open 2, come from the first two sections (I think it was the first two) of The Bridge by Hart Crane.