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Today Pearl’s Teacher Asked That We Send Buttons

Wreck this journal day 4 …. Fill this page with circles Originally uploaded by kittypinkstars to school for a counting project. I feel sad that we have no buttons. We are button-less. I wish we did have a whole bunch of colorful buttons, like these, in fact. Regardless of your status (button-wise or otherwise) this… Continue reading Today Pearl’s Teacher Asked That We Send Buttons

Tender Buttons

diecinueve botones Originally uploaded to flickr by Daniel Plateado

from Tender Buttons

Suppose there is a pigeon, suppose there is. Looseness, why is there a shadow in a kitchen, there is a shadow in a kitchen because every little thing is bigger. The time when there are four choices and there are four choices in a difference, the time when there are four choices there is a… Continue reading from Tender Buttons

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NaPo Check In

Are you still in?  NaPoWriMo is almost 2/3 gone.  I’m batting about 50/50 so far in the challenge of writing a poem a day in April.  Here are the titles I’ve got so far.  April 1 — The Jar (She and I) April 2 — Dreck April 3 — Spell on Me April 4 —… Continue reading NaPo Check In

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The $%#*@#! Stick

Oh, how I yearn for the days when I used pathetic AOL, and my friend Stuart’s emails to me always bounced back to him!  Because he has passed the dreaded STICK on to me.  I thought I’d avoided this most literary of viruses, but NO, once again, here is the stick.  I believe I will… Continue reading The $%#*@#! Stick

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