[from] arrow’s shadow by andrew zawacki

gauntwater and brittlewhite

a word
among the oxygen
shriven and shirred in a canticle
nowise its own and nothing to do with
the porticos of its origin
the para-
the wane
and bowstrung toward the weather’s intermezzo

a palimpsest of shatters
letting the limit appear

as if a storm opened up in the palm house
and were caught on camera, on cardioid mike
trysting the chandeliers of sateen
of folding fan and chloro-

thunder’s faint fac-
simile and sigil
woofing under trefoil vaults
its pinnate fronds a coiffed
a viridian ocean

still life with eau-de-nil
with zerologue
with motion

* * *

on a wide-angle, agate sky
twilight shorts a fuse

cascara and liquidambar sputter
a pirate copied patois
in sequences of non sequitur
and inter-
rupted inter-
rupting shortwave intimacy

as the body and everything in and with-

(the lungs and their geodesic revisions
eyes developing thermal photos
high speed video-
heart like a glass of chinon in the cochineal sun)

are seen as one sees
a hole
in a halogen lamp

fission and mute poly-
each particle shearing to panicle

in the language / of the lifting up / and letting fall / of language

by Andrew Zawacki

Republished by ars poetica
Originally published in Talisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics 32&33 (Summer/Fall 2006), and in Miracle of Measure Ascendant: A Festschrift for Gustaf Sobin (Jersey City: Talisman House, 2005).

The XII by strevo via flickr

photo by strevo via flickr

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