NaPo Check In

Are you still in?  NaPoWriMo is almost 2/3 gone.  I’m batting about 50/50 so far in the challenge of writing a poem a day in April.  Here are the titles I’ve got so far. 

April 1 — The Jar (She and I)

April 2 — Dreck

April 3 — Spell on Me

April 4 — With Salt

April 5 — Talk Bubbles

April 6 — Hangnail

April 8 — You Construct Reality (a sound poem)

April 9 — Anywhere Anyone (a message)

April 10 — Oracle Bone

April 11 — A Me

April 12 — Give Against It

April 16 — Charlie is Lucky

April 17 — Fathers and Nails

April 18 — A Few Lines for the Locals

April 19 — Buffalo Speedway

Actually it looks like I’ve only missed 4 of 19 days so far.  I received a finalist rejection letter from a book contest on April 13.  That’s why I stopped in the middle of the month.  I know that I should probably be encouraged because I was a finalist, but it’s about the 17th time this finalist thing has happened to me.   I’m frustrated about the publishing part of writing.

NaPo, though, valorizes process over product, and I have been enjoying that.  Here are some other poets who are sprinting in this mad poetry dash:

Maureen Thorson (@ a special blog) & friends
Shanna Compton
Ivy Alvarez (who offers these cute blog buttons)
Ada Limon & Jennifer L. Knox
Reb Livingston
Jennifer Bartlett
Elisa Gabbert & Kathy Rooney
Jen Tynes
Michelle Detorie
Sharon Mesmer
Kirsten Kaschock
& a buncha LiveJournalers here, including Tiffany Noonan & Josh Hanson, among others!
Kasey Mohammad
Anne Boyer (not at her usual place)
Mel Nichols (ditto)
Laurel Snyder
Suzanne Frischkorn
Jessica Rowan
Nate Logan
Ian Keenan
Kaya Oakes
Janet Holmes
Mike Young
Anne Haines
Vicky, a.k.a. vmh
Julie Carter
Sandra Beasley
Sarah Bartlett & Chris Tonelli
Ginger Heatter
Michael Gushue
Steve Roberts
Harry Rutherford
Deborah Ager
Michael Schiavo
Nathan Austin
Michelle Fierro
Dax Bayard-Murray
Shafer Hall & John Cotter
Susana Gardner
Elizabeth Hildreth
Cathy Eisenhower
Josh Keiter

Thanks to Shanna for this list! 


  1. Well if you missed days, then I don’t feel bad for missing a day or two. I’m doing the NaPoWriMo and having trouble this year. I just feel like I’m retreading old ground.

  2. 19-4 is great. That’s what I’ve got too, I think. Oops, I better go finish today’s! 🙂

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