Signage by Anthony Robinson

"This bathroom is being clean by a lady janitor"
What this mean (s)            anyone’s
      guess          conjecture
often leads
to fresh perception, but it may not
always be useful               
                the horse/water tale
could apply         my guess      
            that she’s pristine,
like porcelain         and your problem is the
which makes you              tense. 
        In      the primordial heat
and mess of last week-language            
          was grunts,
gestures used to convey desire:    hunger, lust,
extreme unction      /       and we continue
      to dwell
in inhospitable zones          /      
          so very hot in here,
the lady janitor wears a glass slipper and confounds
even the most princely of          expectations 
              you want
a last page, a period /
                      the wind is your

by Anthony Robinson

published by Exquisite Corpse

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