The Be Blank Consort

In the "Cross Media" issue of Unlikely 2.0, you can find five compositions by the Be Blank Consort.  The Consort is a collaborative group of experimental writers dedicated to the creation and performance of sound-texts.   You can see their compositions and Beblankconsort0107e
 listen to them performed as well.

Here’s some of their self-description:   ‘The Consort was formed to perform various kinds of
texts, many of them created collaboratively, in ways that would reveal
new resonances and possibilities in them. Some of the pieces are poems
that were written by one of them and scored for multiple voices by
another. A few are entirely written and scored by one person. Many more
were written in collaboration between one or more of the performers and
others. The goal is to highlight language as music and sound, in
addition to its function as a carrier of meaning, and to this end, they
have devised various strategies of simultaneity, breaking up of lines,


stretching out of words, choral arrangements, and many others. All of
them are also visual poets, and many of the pieces designed for
performance are also visual poems.    ‘

Visual artists and poets of the Be Blank Consort include: Harriet Bart,
John M. Bennett, Michael Basinski, Kathy S. Ernst, Philip Gallo, Scott
Helmes, Carlos M. Luis, Michael Peters and Wendy Collin Sorin.

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