Here’s the text of a spam message (found poem?)  that I received today:

freeing not  conferred it creepy or profess
not collapsible it americana and dance the bombay in eastbound
on chandelier ! apprehension some allotted a talent or commensurable
or kelly and featherbrain the bay the mann and sled
but disturbance may vito and ltv and coniferous the constrict
some absentia or jones a

reef the  retribution be bowl but colleague
! crosswort may syllabic and discretionary on cinderella on bestial
in cab some canna it ackerman try subtle it archangel
and bravado or pathetic may challenge may cancer it’s attempt
try suppressible may tropopause but failsafe not scottish be oxeye
a bimini see postfix try

ammonium ,  crafty not liaison try clausen
! soapy it’s edith but plover in chase may budgetary
but anchorage a burst on yiddish some uncle a blurt
see adolphus see slocum some lit try sublimate in antipathy
it swim , nbc , item ! died see gsa
in stannic may expelling some

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