Social Encounters at the Heart of the Art

Urban Networks
features five interactive art projects that
examine social encounters and explorations in urban places. The works
in this exhibition employ a range of technological devices that create
urban community connections and offer insights into how emerging
technologies might play an alternative role in our experience of
everyday urban life.

Finishing School presents two projects Meet/Greet and Write/Send
from the Public Interaction Objects (PIO) series. Engineered to create
meaningful interaction with individuals in various public contexts,
each object is informed by varying cultural customs, market economies,
lifestyle, entertainment and commercial technologies.

Imaging Place by John (Craig) Freeman is a site-specific
installation that consists of an interactive, location-based, virtual
reality environment. The Imaging Place method uses a combination of
panoramic photography, digital video, and three-dimensional
technologies to investigate, document, and map locations.

Objects of Wonderment created by Urban Atmospheres is the
first in a series of new public artifacts that are designed to expand
our expectations of mobile phones as they transcend beyond personal
connections and begin to interface directly with locations. Combining
Bluetooth sensing technology with a newly fabricated public object,
this work dynamically generates new urban sonic experiences.

Primarily operating outside of the gallery La rue c’est mise a nu par ses orielles, partout
(the street is stripped bare by her ears, everywhere) by URBANtells, is
comprised of numerous, micro am transmitters tuned to the same
frequency and placed within the Central Square neighborhood.

Disembodied Voices by Jody Zellen is a multi-sensory
interactive installation that explores the differences between public
and private life and how the global phenomenon of public cell-phone
conversations have become a ubiquitous irritant in contemporary

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  1. i have just stumbled across this blog, and from but a hasty perusal, i greatly enjoy what i see. the erasures alone would be enough to make me come back at least once. hopefully i’ll be jumping in to the conversation soon enough!

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