I think this sounds like a cool opportunity for poetry bloggers.

Call for Submissions: Digirati

Three Candles Press is seeking submissions for an anthology tentatively titled
"Digirati" that will feature ten poems by twenty poets who have a blog presence,
participate in public or private workshops, and / or publish in online literary journals.
The goal, ofcourse, is to show that some of the best poets around are working in both print and online media. Previously published poems (with proper credit) will be considered along with new, unpublished poems. Payment will be two contributor’s copies.

To be considered, send 15 poems, a bio, and SASE to:

c/o three candles press
PO Box 1817
Burnsville MN 55437


  1. Thanks so much for the info. I might take advantage of this. Could you email me the link where you found this?

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