Dream Song 50

In a motion of night they massed nearer my post.
I hummed a short blues. When the stars went out
I studied my weapons system.
Grenades, the portable rack, the yellow spout
of the anthrax-ray: in order. Yes, and most
of my pencils were sharp.

This edge of the galaxy has often seen
a defence so stiff, but it could only go
one way.
—Mr Bones, your troubles give me vertigo,
& backache. Somehow, when I make your scene,
I cave to feel as if

de roses of dawns & pearls of dusks, made up
by some ol’ writer-man, got right forgot
& the greennesses of ours.
Springwater grow so thick it gonna clot
and the pleasing ladies cease. I figure, yup,
you is bad powers.
John Berryman

One Reply to “Dream Song 50”

  1. I like this poem of Berryman’s . I would not have liked it when I was alive. And I like what you are doing. I was terrible when I was alive. I am changed. Heaven does that to people, and even to cranky old alcoholic poets like I was. And I am a fan of your poetry blog.

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