Poems for my Identity

J0395962 A number of my fellow bloggers have presented a list of ten poems that constitute an introduction to their own poems.  In reading these lists, my immediate reaction (me, me, me, right?) is that the poems that I post on this blog do not really serve that purpose. 

So I’m going to start thinking about a list that I may or may not actually complete.  A little Berryman should be there, for sure.  Bishop might show up. Some of the Spanish language poets have been influential for me, Vallejo, Huidobro, and others.  Let’s stir this up a bit and see what happens.


  1. Oh, man, now that you’ve said it, I can’t stop thinking about what poems I’d choose. It’s easier for me to think of which poets rather than specific poems.
    I’m very curious to see your list! Good luck.

  2. I had a hard time narrowing the poems down to ten. There are so many great poems out there. Good luck!

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