Vancouver Bound?

J0289232_1In my tooling about the Internet, I’ve noticed that a number of the poet-bloggers are contemplating a gathering in a space other than cyberspace. If you are participating in the AWP Conference in Vancouver at the end of the month, could you please say so in the comment section below?  Maybe we can plan a little plan.


  1. Good old Vancouver. I ran a poetry series there a couple of years ago, did some poetry and music as well. And I might be there for this event. However, there are Other Alternative things.. . as well…
    Just found yer blog.

  2. me too, and we’ve tried to plan twice, but the thread just dies. what does that say about the organizational skills of poets.
    but please, everybody do come to the Soft Skull, et. al party at the Lamplighter on Thursday evening from 6-8. i will repost the announcement on my blog just before AWP, and we will also have announcements at our table at the bookfair (where i will be off and on) so do come by! i’d love to meet everybody.

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