ConduiteyeglassesWhich literary journals (e- or print) have the best web sites?  One of my favorites is the Conduit site, as well as their tag line: the only magazine that risks annihilation. Conduiteyeglasses Extra cool. 

Rob Caspar’s Jubilat has a new site that I like a lot.

It seems like many of the publications that were *big* in the 1980s and 1990s have failed to make the transition to the *wired* world.  Exceptions, anyone?  The Mississippi Review seems to be doing interesting things with its online version, as does Conjunctions.

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  1. Not a literary magazine, though it includes at least one, last night I spent a good half-hour on the poet/book designer Jeff Clark’s site, curious because I had heard him read from his terrific first book, The Little Door Slides Back, the evening before, and I wanted to see which books he had designed under his design pen-name, Quemadura. (The site can be found by Googling that pen-name.) The site includes his collection of covers — which are wonderful!
    The current Chicago Review has a beautiful Quemadura cover featuring a photo of Louis Zukofsky. That CR is pretty amazing, too.

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