What’s the strangest place you’ve ever given a poetry reading?

Once I agreed to do 2 readings at a women’s festival.  The setting was a place that used to be a lodge or club.  The space where I was to read used to be a restaurant.  About 100 people attended the afternoon reading, and it was held in the large open space of the ex-restaurant.  But that night a smaller group attended (because there were rock concerts by then) and apparently another event was scheduled for that space.  So we did the reading in what I think had once been the area behind the bar.  Hurry up please it’s time!

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  1. The Sit and Spin Laundromat & Café in Seattle would have to be the strangest place I ever gave a poetry reading. Good sandwiches, fine coffee, and the erotic hum of a dryer as socks swirled around inside.

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