Škart, Art Meets the Everyday


Škart’s project Sadness took the form of a weekly book of poems created for the residents of Belgrade during the war-torn early ’90s. The books were designed to mimic the look of lost-and-found tags, and Škart distributed them in various public places like railway stations and food markets as small healing gestures in a devastated and ravaged country. Poems were mailed to various Belgrade residents, distributed on the streets, and read by Škart on the radio.

Started in the 1990s by two architects/graphic designers, Dragan Protic and Djordje Balmazovic, Škart has done creative projects that confront serious issues in the Balkans. These event take place out in the world, rather than in the confines of museums or galleries or books. I like the way they integrate art into the everyday. 

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