Wits_writer_studentAs I’ve mentioned before, I work for Writers in the Schools (WITS).  In addition to the obvious mission of teaching writing to kids in schools, we also provide outreach to similar programs across the country.  Tomorrow we begin our 4th conclave in Houston for the leaders of seven different creative writing programs that work primarily with children.  Here are the groups participating:

California Poets in the Schools

InsideOut, Detroit

Literary Arts, Inc., Portland, OR

Log Cabin Literary Center, Boise

Seattle Arts & Lectures

Teachers & Writers Collaborative, NYC

Wick Poetry Center, Ohio

Writers in the Schools, Houston

Most of our programs are one-of-a-kind in our respective geographical regions.  Because none of us are competing against one another, the WITSLink group has provided a perfect eureka community in which everyone shares freely and fully with one another.  This unofficial loose-knit group has been instrumental to the success of most of us involved. 

For anyone who is interested in learning more, the WITSLink conversation will continue at the AWP Conference in Vancouver later this spring. 

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  1. There is SO much more going on in the States & Canada than here in the UK, the land of Shakespeare, Milton, Shelley… Poetry still seems to be the art that dare not speak its name, a slightly shameful activity pursued by middle aged ladies & fey men. Time, maybe, for that one-way plane ticket…

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