Divergences from the Path

J0396102If you visit this blog regularly, you are probably a reader of literature at least sometimes.  But what about when you get sick of so-called literature.  What do you read then?  Or do you ever get sick of "the good stuff"?

Lately my wanderings have led me to foreign mystery writers such as Henning Mankell and Andrea Camilleri.  Exotic settings transport me, and something about those problems with solutions really appeals to me….


  1. I like to mix it up a bit; a novel followed by a memoir, then some poetry, then some scholarly or popular history. I don’t really have any “fun” reading (for lack of a better word) but I want to get some. I have been thinking about mysteries, because I’ve never even read the classics by Christie or Doyle.
    I agree about sometimes wanting a story to have a solution at the end; a reason, a motive for what has happened; a person or people who are motivated to solve a problem and actually get to do it.

  2. when im sick of the typeface i have found myself wandering the blogs instead, or hammering the bbc news.. a couple of days of doom and gloom and im back on books 🙂

  3. I am horribly enamored of Stephen King and Michael Crichton. It’s like eating potato chips for three meals a day, though I think Stephen King gets the shaft from critics, because actually he writes some interesting stuff. He just writes so much of it that it’s like he doesn’t edit.

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