Size Matters

One of the contemporary poetry list-serve groups I’m following is discussing what makes a major poet.  And, by turns, what makes a minor poet minor.  I’m probably just being plain ornery, but I find the topic off-putting.  In the poetry world (as it were) I get the sense that there’s a lot of energy that goes into sizing each other up.  Aren’t there more interesting things to talk about?  Or am I just being a real pain?


  1. discussion of these things seems to follow institutional norms that make one cry out in despair. However, I admit to THINKING along these lines all the time; yet almost never with anyone else. For I do have poets who seem to me central to a possible poetry; they, for me, at least, are major poets. Then again, many of the poets I love best seem to me deliciously minor, mandarin. When we love we can’t be sliced into alienated v. lively; we’re called before all discourse.

  2. Found your site through Blog Explosion. It’s just beautiful. I love the things you write about, the questions you pose, everything. Glad I stumbled across you.

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