Question 7

J0316745 What specific names of flowers have you used in your writing? Are there any types that you would probably never use? Such as, petunia? Be honest.


  1. Have used: Mexican Hibiscus, Calendula and Narcissus, all in the same poem.
    Would not use (probably): Rose. Unless I needed it for a verb or something.

  2. Hmmmm… I’ve used magnolia (twice), sunflowers, wharariki, jasmine (twice), calendula, roses, cacao flowers, onion weed, rangiora, and Mexican orange blossom. I don’t think I would completely rule out the use of any flower. Some would be more difficult than others. Borrage is not a particularly poetic name, for example…

  3. I’m impressed. When I was a kid, my mom taught me the names of 20 flowers. We walked around a botanical garden, and she quizzed me until I could name them all. She told me that if I wanted to become a writer I must know at least 20 different kinds.

  4. Well, it seems I have barely used any. I mention the word “bloom” once, but as averb. Otherwise, “tangled grass” is the closest I seem to get to flowers.
    Well, okay. I used “narcissus” once, in the title of a very bad poem which I’d rather not count.

  5. Never would I use bougainvillea. Which is precisely why I will now use it.
    Also: iris, lily, anything that is appropriate.
    It’s hard not to love flowers. 🙂
    One more: jonquil. I spent months trying to find a flower, & that’s what I came up with. The poem is long since banished.

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